Why Nepal?






  • Fair Connections Foundation is working in Nepal due to Sara’s longstanding connections there.


    Her work at Liverpool John Moores University has enabled her to visit Nepal more than 28 times and conduct a wide range of research with local people, communities and University staff and students. She regularly attends conferences on education and gender and teaches about Nepal and development in her work.

    Nepal made significant progress in the Millennium Development Goals for education by 2015 – with UNESCO reporting pre-primary gross enrollment ratios increased from 11% in 1999 to 84% in 2013 in Nepal

    Access to education alone is not enough we have to ask what is being taught and how – what about the quality of education!

    With the move to Sustainable Development Goals the focus is now on developing quality education for all. This includes improving school facilities, training teachers and developing child friendly resources, so that schools are a safe fun environment for all children.

    Many schools were damaged in the earthquakes in 2015 posing real challenges in Nepal and many temporary schools were established. The Government and NGO community are working hard to rebuild and repair buildings.

    Providing a safe learning environment is essential

    All this requires investment in classrooms, libraries, teaching resources and teacher training programmes and with your support we can achieve this

    Fair Connections Foundation works with local communities, schools and organisations to work towards a better future for children in Nepal.